Tyler Luyben

Tyler Luyben, PhD


Tyler began investing for Sixty Degree as an Associate at the start of 2021 before being promoted to Principal in 2022.

Prior to working for SDC, he worked as an early employee of Edesa Biotech, a Toronto-based dermatology biopharma startup. At Edesa, Tyler was responsible for a diverse and essential range of tasks for any biotech: authoring regulatory documents, managing external research vendors, coordinating drug material manufacturing, clinical trial planning, building relationships with medical KOLs, initiating clinical sites, licensing activities, and fundraising (to name a few). Tyler was also involved in Edesa’s flip from being a privately owned biotech to one that is listed on the NASDAQ.

Tyler graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Molecular Genetics, from the lab of Dr. Kenichi Okamoto. Tyler’s research was centered around developing new optogenetic tools to answer basic questions about learning and memory with applicability to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive decline.